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Energy saving calculators

Use these calculators to find out just how much you can save!

Saving energy can be easy!

Have you ever looked at your energy bill and wondered, “Why is my bill so high?” You then think of all the appliances and gadgets you use every day to provide the modern-day conveniences you enjoy, the comfort of a warm home and a hot shower; and realize they all increase your energy costs. But just as every little thing adds up to increase your energy use, every small energy-saving measure you take can add up to big savings. Use the tips on these pages to learn how you can Take Control & Save® today!


Why should I use energy wisely?

Using energy wisely helps you lower your energy costs, and helps your cooperative provide stable rates and reliable energy now and into the future. By using energy wisely we can optimize our generating capacity in order to postpone building costly new power plants. So everything you do to reduce your energy use not only helps us manage growth, it also helps you manage your energy budget.