Energy Saving Success Story

Energy efficiency success stories

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Energy Efficiency Success Story

If you aren’t convinced that making energy-efficient improvements to your home will save you money, you don’t have to take our word for it. Read about how other families have installed energy-efficient measures in their homes and how much they are saving!


The Johnston family - Clarence, Mo.

About: The Johnston family
Energy Efficient House

The Johnston family saved almost 7,300 kilowatt-hours and over $430 in the first heating season during and after implementation of energy-efficient improvements to their home. Improvements included weatherizing windows and doors, adding insulation and replacing old windows and doors with new, energy efficient ones.

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The Wilson family - Trenton, Mo.

About: The Wilson family
Energy Efficient House

Fred and Barbara Wilson were selected by their local cooperative, Grundy Electric, to participate in a residential pilot project through the Take Control & Save energy efficiency program. After several measures were installed, they are now saving an average of 2,484 kilowatt-hours and $213 every year!

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The Conrad family - Donnellson, Iowa

About: The Conrad family

Frank and Susan Conrad saved $817 and reduced their electric use by 24 percent in the first year after they implemented some major energy-efficiency measures to their home! Improvements included replacement of their old heating and cooling system with a ground-source heat pump, foam insulation throughout their home and air-sealing leaky windows.

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The Muscogee (Creek) Nation home - Morris, Okla.

About: The Muscogee (Creek) Nation home
Muscogee Nation Home

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation joined with East Central Electric Cooperative on a pilot project through the Take Control & Save program. This pilot consisted of building a new energy-efficient home for the housing division. This energy-efficient home is saving more than $1,400 a year compared to another home of the same size.

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