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Energy efficiency success stories

About: Commercial and Industrial success stories
Business Success Stories

If you aren’t convinced that making energy-efficient improvements to your business will save you money, you don’t have to take our word for it. Read about how other businesses have installed energy-efficient measures in their operations and how much they are saving!


Jefferson school district - Conception Junction, Mo.

About: Advanced technology leads to big energy savings

The Jefferson school district joined with United Electric Cooperative to install advanced heating and cooling technology in the school. They are now seeing an average savings of $9,137 per year!

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Holliday Investments, LLC. - Prairie Home, Mo.

About: A turkey farm and energy-efficient lighting
Holliday Barn

Holliday Investments, Inc. partnered with their local electric cooperative to make energy saving improvements to their business. They replaced older, inefficient lighting with new light-emitting diode (LED) lighting technology in one of their turkey barns and are now saving an average of $1,244 every year on their electricity bill!

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Hartville R-II school district - Hartville, Mo.

About: An innovative school's energy improvements
Hartville School

The Hartville school district teamed up with Laclede Electric Cooperative to uncover potential areas where the school could become more energy-efficient. Several years later, they are still seeing savings!

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