Ground source heat pumps

Efficient heating and cooling

About: Energy efficient heat pump technology
Energy efficient heat pump technology

Heating and cooling accounts for about 56 percent of the energy use in a typical home. Using energy-efficient heat pumps as an alternative to furnaces and air conditioners, you can dramatically reduce your heating and cooling costs. Heat pumps both heat and cool, using refrigeration technology to transfer heat. They are up to 400 percent efficient, and save as much as 30 - 40 percent on heating costs.


Savings are in the air

About: Air-source heat pumps 
Air-source heat pumps

Air-source heat pump (ASHP) systems use the air to transfer heat in and out of your home to keep you comfortable. These systems are up to 300 percent efficient and may safe you money over time on your heating and cooling bills. And just because your home does not have duct work does not mean you are out of luck. Ductless heat pumps may be used in applications where standard ASHP systems are not practical.

Contact your electric cooperative prior to purchasing and installing an ASHP as they may offer rebates on dual fuel ASHP systems.

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There is money in your yard

About: Ground-source heat pumps
Ground-source heat pumps

No, not literally. With the help of your yard and a ground-source heat pump (GSHP), you'll be on your way to saving money. GSHP systems use the constant temperature of the earth to transfer heat in and out of your home. The cost may be more than other systems, but you can save with lower monthly energy bills. Contact your cooperative prior to purchasing and installing a GSHP as they may offer rebates. To find out more about GSHP systems, view our video.


Clean your AC to save

About: Keeping AC units maintained and clean
Keeping AC units maintained and clean

You can save energy by exerting a little manual energy and save money without spending any. How you ask? Simple! Clean and maintain your air conditioning unit. No, it isn't fun or exciting. But the money you save can be put away to do something fun and exciting soon! Find out more about cleaning and maintaining your AC unit here.